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Suggested bust measurements for sizes:

Misses size range:

Size 2-4 : Bust 32"-34"
Size 6-8: Bust 35"-36"
Size 10-12: Bust 37"-38"
Size 14: Bust 39"-40"
Size 16: Bust 41"-42"
Size 18: Bust 43"-44"


Plus size range:

Size 20: Bust 45"-46"
Size 22: Bust 47"-48"
Size 24: Bust 49"-50"
Size 26: Bust 51"-52"


Mock up option:

For the most accurate fit, please add a mock up to your purchase through this link.  See listing for details on how the mock up process works.


Custom fit options:

All boleros can be made to custom measurements at no additional charge.  If you would like to use this option, just include your measurements in the comments section of your order, or let me know you will be sending them shortly after your order. 

Here's what we need, only send the measurements that apply to your bolero style:

1) Fullest part of your bust

2) Your rib cage under your bust

3) Waist measurement for longer boleros

4) Bicep at the fullest part

5/5a) Elbow and wrist if your bolero extends past these points

6) Sleeve length you desire from the tip of your shoulder

7) Back length measurement: measure from the prominent bone at the base of your neck down your center back to where you want the bolero to end.  The bolero should extend past your gown edge by 1"-2" at minimum


*If you send custom measurements but do not purchase the mock up, I will do my absolute best to make your bolero to your specifications, but can not guarantee a perfect fit.  Most of my customers who send custom measurements had a wonderful experience with fit, but a few need additional small alterations.